What Happens in a Complimentary Meeting with a Financial Planner?

Before setting an appointment, many people want to know what happens in that initial complimentary appointment with a financial planner. There may be misconceptions and fears involved, based on assumptions or a bad, prior experience. Others will want to feel comfortable with the advisor by spending a little time talking before sharing the full details of their current financial situation. Others might be concerned that they will be pressured into a commitment or ‘sold’ on a financial product, during the first meeting. Finally, some may feel that their financial portfolio doesn’t justify a meeting with a financial planner. Sadly, such apprehensions may prevent some from seeking the advice that they may desperately need!

Let's shed a little light on what you can expect to experience in that initial consultation with McBeath Financial Group.  What actually happens in that first appointment really depends on your comfort level. We send out a checklist with a list of items that we suggest you bring to that appointment or send in advance. And although many people do, you may not be comfortable right away disclosing that information. Maybe you just want to sit and have a cup of coffee and get to know us a little bit better, and that's fine too. Krista's job is to find out more about you and what your goals are. What your dreams are for retirement, what you're trying to achieve, and then to determine if she thinks she can help you with that. And in that meeting, based on your goals and the mutual comfort level with each other, we may engage in the financial planning process.  But again that first meeting is complimentary, and it's really a time for us to just get to know each other. So we hope that answers your question. If you have a retirement situation or a financial need, we'd encourage you to reach out to us and take that first step by clicking below!