Best Investment Firm and Financial Planner: McBeath Financial Group Chosen Again!

Pantagraph Reader’s Choice Awards for 2019 announced that once again we were chosen for two first place awards!  Central Illinois voted for us as their #1 choice in both categories we were nominated for!  For the 3rd year in a row, we received the title for first choice in financial planning and for the second year in a row we were voted as the best investment firm!  We are honored and humbled to have received such an outpouring of support from so many!

If you look at my previous posts when I've been chosen in the past, my sentiments have been similar to this, but it's worth repeating.  These awards really have nothing to do with me!  It really says more about all the people that I'm blessed enough to be such loving supporters.

I will take credit for always giving my best for my clients.  As a fiduciary, I'm absolutely required to act in my clients best interest.  And I know I go above and beyond that to differentiate myself in providing more.  To me, it's about caring for the clients I work with on a personal level and helping them achieve their life goals.

What I can't take credit for is how so many return the favor and support me above and beyond.  And I know it's not just in voting for the Reader's Choice Awards.  It's the kind words sent to me in emails.  It's showing up to our client events with friends.  It's what they say about me in social media and to friends and family.  And of course the referrals.   It's my great clients and supporters that have given so much to me.  I'm forever grateful!

So, once again, I want to say, thank you for choosing me and making McBeath Financial Group what it is today!

 *McBeath Financial Group did not make any solicitation payments to the Pantagraph in order to be nominated or to qualify for nomination of the award of Best Financial Planner or Best Investment Firm.

* By visiting this link to the pantagraph award winners, you can view all of the categories voted on and all of the winners chosen by voters, including McBeath Financial Group.  Winners in each category were chosen by viewers who were given the opportunity to nominate and then vote for businesses or individuals in each class. McBeath Financial Group did not make any solicitation payments to the Pantagraph in order to be nominated or to qualify for nomination of the award.  The official rules as were posted onsite by the Pantagraph have been duplicated below.

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