Voted Bloomington Normal Area’s Best Financial Planner and Best Investment Firm for 2020!

Bloomington Normal Area Best Financial Planner Best Investment Advisor 2020

Bloomington Normal Area, we thank you once again for voting McBeath Financial Group as your first choice for Best Financial Planner and Best Investment Firm! Year after year, our great supporters are devoted to voting for us in the Pantagraph Reader’s Choice Awards.  2020 was no different.  

For the fourth consecutive year, our loyal Bloomington Normal area boosters rallied for us to be chosen as first in the Best Financial Planner category.  In addition, for the third year in a row, we’ve been voted the first choice for the Best Investment Firm category!

When I consider all the incredible financial advisors throughout McLean County, the large investment firms, and the established banks that do both financial planning and investments, I’m blown away by how I’ve been embraced in this market.  When I compare myself to such industry giants, I know my firm is hardly the largest, longest-standing, or nationally recognized.  The only thing that I might take pride in is the personal connection I have with those I meet.  I genuinely do care about the individuals over the ‘numbers,’ and I’ve been blessed enough to become acquainted with so many like-minded people.

I know I repeat myself, but I don’t ever take for granted my clients, the community, and each person who takes the time to vote for our name for these awards.   We are honored to wear the title as the Best Financial Planner and Best Investment Firm for another year, of course.  But the people who really deserve the credit are the Bloomington Normal community that stand with me, year after year.  I am more thankful than I could ever express.

I also don’t want to be negligent with thanking the many enthusiastic voters who somehow managed to vote us into the honorable mention categories of Best Financial Institution and Best Insurance Agent as well!  I was utterly shocked at the recognition for those two categories!

To be honest, with such a crazy year we’ve had, and the Pantagraph Reader’s Choice Awards delay due to Covid-19 business restrictions, I didn’t know what to expect.  When the nominations started for the awards, I had so many people reach out to let me know they were choosing me.  The calls, emails, and kind words have been a ray of sunshine through what has been a challenging year.  With these results, I can’t help but be emotional. 

Thanks to all who helped make 2020 an incredible year, despite so many obstacles we’ve all faced! 

So, once again, I want to say, thank you for choosing me and making McBeath Financial Group what it is today!

*McBeath Financial Group did not make any solicitation payments to the Pantagraph in order to be nominated or to qualify for nomination of the award of Best Financial Planner or Best Investment Firm.

* By visiting this link to the pantagraph award winners, you can view all of the categories voted on and all of the winners chosen by voters, including McBeath Financial Group.  Winners in each category were chosen by readers who were given the opportunity to nominate and then vote for businesses or individuals in each class. McBeath Financial Group did not make any solicitation payments to the Pantagraph in order to be nominated or to qualify for nomination of the award.  The official rules as were posted onsite by the Pantagraph and can be accessed here.

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