As a financial planner, right here in Bloomington-Normal, IL, Krista McBeath of McBeath Financial Group is always happy to offer a no obligation, complimentary financial consultation.  The purpose of such a free consultation is to review an individual's current financial position, identify goals, evaluate risks and to determine needs.  Recommendations can range from a simple affirmation of current status, to a simple transactional type of adjustment, all the way up to full retirement plans.  Often times during this initial discovery process, Krista will also unearth serious concerns and avert potential disasters from the very start.

There are many benefits of working with a financial advisor of course, and in this video, Krista shares a story from one of her recent initial consultations.  So many individuals are unaware of the potential pitfalls in their financial picture.  It's okay to not know, what ‘you don't know', but ignoring the opportunity to discover issues in advance is negligence that few can afford.

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