McBeath Financial Group is proud to present our very first guest speaker sharing his expertise in Estate Planning!  In this featured interview video, Estate Planning Attorney Chad Ritchie of Ritchie Law Office, Ltd covers topics of importance for life, family and legacy.

Since the inception of the new McBeath Financial Focus Series, the vision has been to feature McLean County's premiere experts in fields relating to finances and retirement. As you know, McBeath Financial Group specializes in retirement planning, insurance and taxes.  Although financial planning builds a strong foundation, sometimes other experts are recommended for a more comprehensive plan.  In these instances, recommendations outside our field of expertise are needed.  Chad Ritchie is one of those key individuals that’s often relied upon for estate planning.  Therefore, we are extremely excited to have him as our very first featured guest, covering a topic that so often overlaps with financial planning.

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There are so many misconceptions when it comes to estate planning!  During the course of this interview with Chad, it becomes clear how critical it is to have a few legal documents in place to protect an individual’s wishes.  Here are just a few of the many valuable lessons learned from this short session:

  • What happens upon death or incapacity in the event of not having an estate plan

  • Why an estate plan isn't just for the wealthy

  • How probate works for distribution of types of assets, including state and federal limits

  • How life insurance policy documentation can override will beneficiaries

Especially don’t miss the end! Protecting your finances, family and your own choices is important for your legacy.  And Chad will explain how incredibly easy and affordable this protection is!


If you prefer the audio version you can listen and download from Soundcloud below!

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Interested in learning more about how strategic financial planning fits into a legacy estate plan? If so, Krista McBeath can be reached at 309-808-2224.


A special thanks Chad Ritchie for being on our show and sharing about estate planning basics.  If you'd like to learn more about estate planning or Chad Ritchie Law Office Ltd., please visit .  Or call and schedule your complimentary appointment at 309-662-7000.