McBeath Financial Focus Series featuring Kathy Schniedwind.This month McBeath Financial Focus showcases a charitable organization that is dear to our heart! And there is none better to represent the Humane Society of Central Illinois than Kathy Schniedwind a most passionate board member.  Feel inspired by her energy, and take notes on the HSCI events, volunteer opportunities and effective tax strategies for maximizing contributions to charities!

Every month, this video series features a Bloomington/Normal guest sharing their expertise in financial or retirement related topics.  So many of our community members have causes that they believe in and a charitable heart as well.  Often when retirement comes, they find that they have the extra resources to generously share their time.  And others may wish to offer financial support or even leave a legacy.   Kathy  shares her personal story of how her own retirement transition led to volunteer endeavors for the organization that finds loving forever homes for abused and unwanted pets.

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On the surface, one might think that featuring the Humane Society  would be a simple topic.  Yet, the reality is, there’s so much ground that needs to be covered when giving a fair overview of such a robust organization!  Every bit of the interview is important.  However those wishing to jump to particular topics of interests can utilize the quick guide below:

1:30 Common myths about the Humane Society of Central Illinois

3:20 An Overview of HSCI Events

7:35 How to Increase Tax Deductions by Donating Needed Household Items

10:00 How Monetary Donations are Utilized

11:35 Volunteer Opportunities

14:35 State Farm Matching Funds and the Good Neighbor Grant

15:30 The Team Behind HSCI's Success; Board Members, Staff and Volunteers

18:50 Charitable Giving as Part of an Estate Plan

Kathy is one of those special community leaders with a heart of gold and such a passion for helping others.  When watching this, you’ll see why she inspires so many to become such stalwart supporters of the Humane Society of Central Illinois!  She is truly an example of the impact that one volunteer can make!

Watch the video and learn more about Kathy Schniedwind and HSCI!


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Interested in learning more about how strategic financial planning can benefit a charity as part of a legacy estate plan? If so, Krista McBeath can be reached at 309-808-2224.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Kathy for representing HSCI for our show and sharing about this great cause.  If you'd like to learn more about the Humane Society of Central Illinois, please visit the site at