The thought of setting the first appointment with a financial advisor can be a stressful experience for many.  In this segment of Retirement and Financial Focus, Krista explains what to expect in a first financial planning appointment, to erase the mystery and the stress when taking that first step.

Retirement and Financial Focus is a regular video series featuring guests from Bloomington-Normal with expertise in areas regarding Retirement and Financial matters. This month features our host, Krista McBeath answering,“Questions Everyone Has for Financial Planners, but are Sometimes Afraid to Ask!” and this episode's topic is “What Happens in a First Financial Planning Appointment?”

Before setting an appointment, many people want to know what happens in that initial meeting. There may be misconceptions and fears involved, based on the unknown or past, bad experiences. When it comes to finances, some might want to know the financial professional a little more before sharing the status of their current portfolio. Others might be concerned that they will be pressured into a commitment or ‘sold’ on a financial product. Finally, some may feel that their financial portfolio doesn’t justify a meeting with a financial planner. Sadly, such apprehensions may prevent some from seeking the advice they really need!

In this segment, Krista explains the first appointment process and will help alleviate any fears about a first visit. Watch the video below and learn how pleasant the process can be!

For those that have avoided meeting with a financial planner, we’d invite you to just call McBeath Financial Group.  Let's set up a time for you to stop by and join us for a cup of coffee. See for yourself how our relaxed approach can by the first step towards a relationship with a financial professional that is committed to helping you to achieve your retirement and legacy goals.

Please join us next week as she’ll be answering the question,“How do you know if you're able to retire?” or you can head over to and see all of the episodes and featured guest.