Financial Focus on Funeral Pre-Planning, with Chad Sparks

Continuing in our endeavors to bring the most dynamic McLean County experts to educate and entertain in financial and retirement topics, McBeath Financial Focus proudly presents Chad Sparks, revealing the Advantages of Funeral Pre-Planning.

Chad Sparks is a truly unique and dynamic individual and he brings every bit of his contagious attitude to cover this critical financial planning topic.  Some may know him as the lead pastor of Covell Community Church.  But to many, he is known as the orchestrator of the immensely popular and widely attended annual Calvert & Metzler Memorial Home McLean County Senior Expo event!  However, this is just one of many responsibilities Chad has in his role as the public relations director for Calvert & Metzler Memorial Home.

On the subject of Advanced Funeral Planning, McBeath Financial Group stands firmly with Chad and Calvert & Metzler Funeral Home’s position.  Pre-arrangements are an important financial responsibility.  Thankfully, Chad shares the ease of the process while explaining, “The Five Advantages to Funeral Pre-planning.” 

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Beyond the entertainment value Chad brings, his overview of the funeral planning process revealed:

  • How preparing now can lessen the family’s burden at a critical time

  • Why an individual should ensure their final arrangement wishes are honored

  • How to safeguard funds for final expenses

  • The secret of ‘locking-in’ low pricing for funeral expenses

Although the topic of funeral arrangements is not an easily approachable subject, it is inescapable. This short conversation was enlightening in how to best handle these arrangements as simply and advantageously on one’s own terms.  Undeniably, pre-planning should be a part of a holistic financial plan, but if some still have doubts, this is the video to watch!  Chad Sparks is a man that will turn people into believers! (And yes, the inferred reference to his second occupation as well as his sports passion applies as well!)

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We were absolutely delighted to have Chad bring such passion on the importance of funeral pre-planning to our viewers.  To learn more about funeral pre-planning, McLean Count Senior Expo or Calvert and Metzler Funeral Home, please visit the site at or call and schedule your complimentary appointment at 309-828-2415.

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