McBeath Financial Focus presents a special guest, Bill Lawrence, President of P/L/R Insurance Services!  The video series features Bloomington Normal experts on financial and retirement related subjects.  So, it's critical we cover this segment of financial health, proper insurance protection from an unexpected loss of assets!  

Bloomington Normal is a HUGE insurance community, with two major carriers as well as many great independent insurance organizations.  There is such a wealth of resources from incredible individuals that can represent an important topic such as property and casualty insurance.  Among them all, we chose Bill Lawrence, President of P/L/R as a stand out to explain the risks and strategies for obtaining adequate coverage at a competitive price.  Bill doesn't only have decades of strong experience on the topic, but he also has strong character that shines through with his commitment to the local community, P/L/R clients and his family.  It's an honor to have someone of his integrity and experience share on the importance of suitable personal insurance to protect from a potentially devastating loss.

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What's the risk to retirement funds from inadequate insurance coverage?  Many will be shocked to find out!  Bill also covers:

  • How a small independent insurance agency successfully competes and grows on the home turf of two major insurance carriers.

  • Why insurance costs go up and how to combat the increases.

  • Why you absolutely must have an adequate umbrella policy.

  • What you must know about water damage insurance coverage before it’s too late!

Bill is a wealth of knowledge, covering these subjects and so much more.  It makes financial sense to have a property and casualty expert like Bill to ensure assets have the critical coverage with a dependable and affordable carrier.

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We also have a SoundCloud version available if you prefer just to listen.  You can access that by clicking below!

McBeath Financial Group was honored to host Bill for the video program on personal lines of insurance.  If you have questions for Bill or would like to take advantage of an insurance review, please contact P/L/R Insurance Services at or call 309-827-0007.

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