How important is low-risk, short-term, liquid money to the success of a financial plan?  When financial planning with clients, I place strong emphasis on having the availability of adequate funds that are easily accessible for unexpected wants or needs.  Although these funds typically are low yield, It's important to have this portion available, so that an emergency doesn't derail an entire plan and it also provides peace of mind knowing that financial resources are still readily available.

Although many people just keep these funds for quick access in a checking account or savings account there may be more attractive options available.   We are delighted to have a special guest for our Financial Focus series to explain some of these options!  This episode features, Julie Workman, of Mid-Illini Credit Union sharing cash alternative options along with benefits of Credit Union membership.

It’s no secret that McBeath Financial Group has had a strong relationship with Mid-Illini Credit Union with referrals and endorsements that have been extended both directions.  At the heart of that relationship are key employees that truly care about the customers.  And Julie Workman, Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development has been a cornerstone for the organization for years.  When watching the video, it's easy to see why she and MICU have been such an invaluable source for the financial success of so many!

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It goes without saying that Julie is a trusted resource and friend of McBeath Financial Group.  Beyond that, she’s an asset for the McLean County community as well.  She is on the board of directors for Rotary Club of Bloomington, and was actively involved in the leadership of Money Smart Week Bloomington for several years.  This, as well as other community service has earned her recognition as a Finalist Nominee for Athena in 2016 and an award for Excellence in Communication.  And it’s this strong ability to communicate, charm and entertain that makes this video special, even beyond the educational content!  The entire episode is a delight, and built for ease of use, the guide below will outline where to locate some key topics discussed:

1:00 The story behind the MICU mascot and what makes them different

2:45 The difference between a credit union and a bank

5:40 What is ‘Liquid Money’ and the purpose

8:30 Vehicles for short term, safe money

12:25 Why MICU excels as a banking alternative for liquid money and more

13:30 What is a Certified Credit Union Counselor designation and why it matters

15:50 Identifying which liquid money option is the best for individuals

Watch the video and learn more about Julie Workman and Mid-Illini Credit Union!

Safe, Liquid Money Options with McBeath Financial and Mid-Illini Credit Union

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Julie is a perfect representative of the personable and professional attention given by Mid-Illini Credit Union.  If you'd like to learn more about their banking options and services, please visit their site at or call 309-661-1166.

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