For months, Krista McBeath has hosted the videocast, McBeath Financial Focus featuring McLean County’s foremost experts on retirement and financial matters. And while it's been successful,  it's been said that all great things must end.  So, today we are announcing the end… and  new beginning!

The feature show has been a learning experience and we’ve been so grateful and impressed with the great guests we’ve had!  However, we've experienced that our interviews featured incredibly important financial and retirement information that was sometimes missed due to the length of the show.  In addition, we found that having only one monthly episode was too infrequent for our followers!  We also recognized that our branding fell short with the naming of McBeath Financial Focus taking the spotlight off of our guests, who are a community resource.  Changes had to be made!

So, we now proudly introduce a whole new improved format for the newly named, Retirement & Financial Focus!  Just like before, we’ll be featuring Bloomington-Normal experts in financial and retirement matters.  In our new format, for every month’s featured guest, we’ll present weekly, micro segments.  The first week of the month you can expect a quick intro to the guest and their financial/retirement topic, followed by a short question/answer segment every week of that month.

Furthermore, you’ll find that our new website, will be a great resource to find all of the interviews and much more!  In fact, we are even retaining our previous full length video casts at that location.  If you haven't seen those previous episodes yet, you may be surprised by some of our featured guests as well as the topics covered.  Just as we love our previously featured experts, we are extremely excited about some of our future guests and the info clips that will be continually added to the site!

During this particular introduction and transition month, we'll be featuring the show's host, Krista McBeath, utilizing our new format.  Her topic for the month is  “Questions everyone has for financial planners, but are sometimes afraid to ask!”.  So, every week for the next 3 weeks, she'll be answer some of the ‘unasked' questions!  Watch her introduction below.

Please join us next week as she’ll be answering the first question,“What happens in a first financial planning appointment?”  or you can head over to and register to have every episode sent directly to your email inbox and never miss an episode!”