McBeath Financial Group is extremely excited to formally announce the release of the first episode of a newly created video series, McBeath Financial Focus

Every month, the Focus series will highlight a local specialist.  We will have first-hand access to insights on a specific topic where financial services/retirement planning intersects with their field of expertise.  We are incredibly proud of the lineup of upcoming guests we'll be featuring!  They are respected community members in their industry that can offer solid advice.  In addition to sharing their knowledge, you'll find it entertaining as they and reveal a little more about themselves!  In fact, feel free to scroll on down to the first videocast episode and see for yourself as Krista McBeath shares the vision for the series and drop a few big names of coming guests!

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Overall the McBeath Financial Focus series will be spotlighting the celebrity guest, interviewed by McBeath Financial Group president, Krista McBeath.  It was only appropriate to have the first episode of this series as an introduction of what to expect.  We also get a personal look at the host of the series, Krista McBeath.  So, for this special episode, we took advantage of this opportunity to invite in a guest host, Brent Kelly.  Brent is highly respected and prominent in the McLean County community as well as a close friend to the McBeath family.  With a ten year history in the insurance field, he is currently the CEO of BizzGrizz, a leadership training and speaking company.  You will see why he was the first choice for this role!

Brent did an incredible job in uncovering Krista’s personal background and the unique qualities of McBeath Financial Group.  Here are just a few of the financial questions that were covered during this interview:

  • Krista’s top financial advice for preparing for retirement

  • The importance of creating and implementing a financial plan

  • The scope and advantage of fee-based planning

Watch the full video and see these answers and much more!


We've also created a new SoundCloud channel to easily listen to the audio version on the go.  You can find that here:

We hope you enjoyed this presentation, as we continually strive to bring additional value to the Bloomington Normal community.  You can look forward to a new featured guest on the first of every month, so please join us for some exciting entertainment and a learning experience with each new topic!  Subscribe to our newsletter to ensure that you never miss an episode!   We can’t wait to reveal next month’s special guest!

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A special thank you goes out to our special guest host, Brent Kelly, CEO of BizzGrizz.