2019 Pantagraph Feature Story: Businesses to Know 2019

McBeath Financial Group was selected by the Pantagraph for a special feature article in it's annual “Business to Know” special insert on Sunday, September 29th, 2019. The below article was originally published in the special insert and online here. With permission, the entire article is reprinted below as originally published.

Pantagraph readers are already familiar with McBeath Financial Group. Founder Krista McBeath has established herself as the perennial first-place winner of The Pantagraph’s Reader’s Choice Awards for “Best Financial Planner” and “Best Investment Firm.” In addition, she’s known for teaching investing and retirement planning courses at Heartland Community College and at the Bloomington Public Library. Others may know her from her monthly feature articles in Healthy Cells and Pastelle Magazine.

Krista’s expertise as an Investment Advisor Representative as well as a licensed insurance agent, along with tax planning expertise has been a cornerstone for her financial planning practice.

Krista is the first to admit that clients have lots of options for managing their investments. From insurance agents and certified financial planners to banks and online brokerages, what makes McBeath Financial any different from all the others?

Personalized Service with Tremendous Support

McBeath Financial provides all the advantages of the larger firms they represent while also taking the time to build personal relationships. As a ‘concierge level service’, Krista only accepts a limited number of new clients every year. This allows her to understand and monitor her client’s individual goals and progress on a personal level.

Focused On Your Goals, Not Products

McBeath Financial’s comprehensive financial planning services incorporate a holistic approach to investing. While many firms may be quick to recommend products, Krista focuses first and foremost on how best to achieve her client’s goals.

Planning includes the integration of income, growth, and safety, accounting for liquidity, inflation, health-care, longevity and survivorship risks, legacy planning, and much more. Additionally, Krista’s expertise as a tax advisor gives her clients an edge in tax strategy planning.

A Foundation of Trust

As an Investment Advisor Representative with a securities license, Krista is a fiduciary. That means that she is legally bound to act in the best interest of her clients and to place their best interest ahead of her own.

Cutting Edge Tools

McBeath Financial’s Technology Empowered Advisor Method (TEAM) approach is a special retirement planning process that integrates the personalized touch of a relationship-based advisor with high tech software tools that allow for planning of different scenarios under different market conditions, so clients can see how their portfolio will react in virtually any real-world situation.

Krista and her team at McBeath Financial specialize in helping clients who are within two years of their target retirement date as well as those who are already retired. This process is designed to help their clients plan through retirement.

Their experience, expertise and leading-edge technology offer so much more than investment advice and tax strategies. More than anything, they offer their clients peace of mind for their retirement years.

McBeath Financial Group, 203 Landmark Drive, Unit A, Normal.
Phone 309-808-2224; [email protected]; mcbeathfinancialgroup.com.