What Makes McBeath Financial Group Special

We understand the incredible importance that comes with entrusting one’s wealth with a financial professional. We also realize you have many options available for managing your investments. Your choices range from an assortment of insurance agents, investment advisors, certified financial planners, banks, investment brokerages both online and brick & mortar, company-sponsored service providers, and many more. With so many choices, how do you choose?

We believe that McBeath Financial Group has a combination of distinct qualities that set us apart from others that provide investment planning and wealth management services.

Fiduciary – A Foundation of Trust
As a fiduciary, McBeath Financial Group is bound to act in the interest of our clients and to place his or her best interest ahead of our own. We strive to be the trusted advisor that our clients can count on to have the highest standards in ethics. 

Not all financial advisors are required to act in the best interest of their clients. Only Registered Investment Advisors are bound by the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 to act with the highest integrity in serving in their client’s best interest. We have regulatory authorities that we must report to each year.

We commit to having the highest level of integrity by doing our best to make sure our investment advice is based upon accurate and complete information, with thorough analysis. In addition, we are transparent and clear in fee disclosures while avoiding potential conflicts of interest. Finally, by utilizing “best execution” standards, we strive for the lowest cost and most efficient execution for a plan that meets our client’s goals.

Concierge Service – Personalized with Tremendous Support
We provide all the advantages of the larger firms we represent while also offering a personal relationship with your advisor, Krista McBeath. 

As an exclusive financial services firm, McBeath Financial Group accepts a limited number of new clients every year. Our commitment to our existing clients will always be our top priority. Founder Krista McBeath believes an investment in time with every client is imperative to understand and helping them achieve their goals.

Equally important are the organizations with which McBeath Financial Group aligns itself. McBeath Financial Group continuously monitors the organizations we do business with.

We are proud to be a part of the Motiv8 Advisors Group, which directly supports their advisors nationwide. They offer McBeath Financial Group ongoing support behind the scenes, as well as access to the nation’s highest-ranked insurance companies for financial and insurance products.

Similarly, GeoWealth offers access to professionally managed investment portfolios and continuous support. GeoWealth is a turnkey asset management platform with over $13 billion in assets on their platform.

Both Motiv8 Advisors Group and Geowealth offer another layer of support for McBeath Financial Group clients.

Financial Planning – Focused On Your Goals, Not Products
Our comprehensive financial planning incorporates a holistic approach to investing. While many firms may be quick to recommend products, we are focused on how to best achieve our client’s goals, first and foremost.

Every family is unique with their current financial position as well as their needs and desires. We focus on the overall financial picture. We understand that each financial detail influences the family’s overall, unique situation. As such, no individual investment, transaction or financial strategy can exist in a bubble but must fit as part of the long-term financial plan to achieve goals. Our planning includes the integration of income, growth, and safety. We account for liquidity, inflation, health-care, longevity and survivorship risks, legacy planning and much more. Additionally, we have expertise as a tax advisor, which gives our clients an additional edge in tax strategy planning.

Our approach to personal financial planning is to discover the significant information relevant to our client's attitude, goals, and objectives. We then utilize an analysis process to develop a financial plan, offering recommendations and alternatives for our client's consideration. We have a patient and in-depth approach to illustrating the implications of these choices.

While many financial advisors have limited options available for financial products, McBeath Financial Group is proficient with an array of financial vehicles.  This is in-depth working knowledge is an advantage in developing financial plans that can utilize the optimal financial vehicle for clients.  Krista McBeath utilizes her Chartered Financial Consultant designation in analysis and recommendations. Krista McBeath is a licensed Insurance Agent as well as a Registered Investment Advisor.

Cutting Edge Tools – Technology Empowered Advisor Method
Our Technology Empowered Advisor Method (TEAM) approach is our special retirement planning process that integrates the personalized touch of a relationship based advisor with high tech software tools.

These advanced programs give us an edge in our planning process, and the detailed reporting helps provide our client's with clarity and confidence in their plan for their retirement years.

As part of the TEAM approach to financial planning, we utilize several sophisticated financial software programs. These programs assist us in the process of determining your risk tolerance, helping align your investments with risk tolerance, accounting for your goals, and finally in creating a tailored plan.

As an extra advantage, our Wealth Management Tools allow our clients to stay connected to their entire financial picture. All their important financial information is accessible in one place, updated in real-time for secure online access at their fingertips.

While we are extremely confident within our field of expertise, we are not a fit for everyone, nor are we attempting to service all investment needs. We believe it’s important to focus upon our core competencies while maintaining our standards of excellence for our clients.

We excel in serving people within three years of retirement with investment assets of $600,000 to $6,000,000. We are particularly proficient with helping corporate employees transition into retirement.

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