Financial Planner and Investment Advisor Can Avoid Help Avoid Retirement Tragedies

Why You Need a Financial Planner and an Investment Advisor for Retirement

I’d like to explain what I feel are the two most crucial roles to actually helping people achieve their financial goals: financial planning and investment management. While a financial planner and an investment advisor may be the same individual, ideally they each fulfill two separate purposes.

Retirees Trying to Adjust to the SECURE ACT

Secure Act Changes to Retirement Plans

The most sweeping legislative tax or retirement reform in over a decade became active on January 1st, 2020. For some, it may help prepare for retirement, but for others, it may not have a positive impact at all. Those that will be hurt the most are likely those that don’t understand the new changes and how to adjust. As with any change, The SECURE Act may reveal new opportunities with a new retirement strategy.