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“So many people are facing an uncertain retirement.  You’ve probably done the right thing by working diligently in your career and saved faithfully for retirement.  However, you may have fears and aren’t prepared for the stresses associated with the unknowns of retirement.

I’m Krista McBeath, president of McBeath Financial Group and I believe when you have worked hard and saved, that you deserve to enjoy the retirement you’ve dreamed about without stressing about the unknowns and outliving your nest egg.  As a financial planner, investment advisor, independent insurance agent and tax advisor, I specialize in helping individuals facing retirement by providing comprehensive financial plans.  In addition to the areas I’ve mentioned, I also specialize in helping those employees facing unexpected early retirement to evaluate their voluntary separation offers or pension buyout options. Regardless of your situation,  I am familiar with the fears you may have.

Just a few concerns may be:

  • What if the market drops, like in 2008, how will that affect your retirement nest egg?  Will you have time to recover?

  • What if inflation erodes your purchasing power?

  • How will increased retiree medical costs, or lack of benefits, affect your retirement plan?

  • How will a surviving spouse be affected by the decrease in pension benefits or social security?

  • You want your money to be safe, but you still want growth?

  • And most of all, what if you want to enjoy your lifestyle, being able to spend your money on the things you desire, without the fear of running out of money in retirement?

This is where I can help in answering the “What-ifs” about your retirement future, so you can relax and look forward to entering this exciting stage of life.

I realize that you have worked hard throughout your life to accumulate your wealth.  In retirement, I believe that you shouldn’t have to work as hard to maintain it.

In achieving your goals, I utilize our Technology Empowered Advisor Method, or TEAM  approach.  I begin by assessing your current financial position.  We address income, expenses liabilities, goals and dreams.  We analyze your investments, provide risk analysis and address fees, all in relation to your desired goals.  I then utilize sophisticated software programs to calculate, test and report options for helping you achieve your goals.  We finalize the process by making recommendations and educating you on how the recommendations will help you improve your likelihood of success.  Then, we implement the plans and continue to offer guidance and support in the future.

The goal of our TEAM approach is to help you have the peace of mind to enjoy your day to day lifestyle without worrying about the future.

Helping transform your retirement dreams into reality is the driving force behind McBeath Financial Group.

Why not make today the first small step towards your future?  Click the link below to choose a time for a 20-minute introduction call to see if we might be able to help!”

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