Investment Advisor Strategies

At McBeath Financial Group we believe no two investors are alike. Therefore in order to help each client meet their financial goals, we base our process on a client-focused personalized approach using multiple investment strategies. Our advice and recommendations are tailored to our clients’ investment goals, desired return objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, cash requirements and tax situation. Our investment strategy is designed based on your long-term investment goals of preserving principal, maximizing income or accumulating capital.  We are an independent registered investment advisor.

Our mission is to provide the families we serve with innovative financial strategies, solutions, and planning that can provide financial clarity and security.

In the financial services industry, there are generally two ways of obtaining financial advice: one is given by agent or brokers and the other is given by Investment Advisors. While many investors aren’t even aware differences exist, one of the main differences is that investment advisors have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of their clients at all times.

McBeath Financial Group offers investment management through our strategic partnership with GeoWealth.  GeoWealth employs a rigorous and comprehensive due diligence process for investment selection. Utilizing recognized best practices in the industry, both quantitative and qualitative, their multi-step proprietary approach allows us to provide objective guidance and recommendations to our clients.  In addition to utilizing their proprietary models, we have access to investment models from Fidelity Investments, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, PIMCO, State Street Global Advisors, Van Eck, and more.