Wealth Management Tools

McBeath Financial Group utilizes their innovative Technology Empowered Advisor Method (TEAM) approach to wealth management, utilizing advanced tools as part of the comprehensive financial planning process.

This approach to providing planning and investment advice makes our client's lives easier by providing services that allow them to stay connected to their entire financial picture at their fingertips, with easy online access.  We help you stay organized, updated and prepared with your own Personal Financial Website.


Secure storage for your financial, legal and personal documents that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


All of your accounts can be connected for a consolidated view of the entire financial picture.


Dynamically updated account information allows for detailed views of interactive charts to monitor all of your investments when you wish.

Budgeting Tools

Reach your investment goals with budgets you can set and monitor

Track Expenditures

Integrate your checking, debit and credit cards to easily see what you are spending and where.


Goal management for monitoring the progress of achievement of financial objectives.